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Photos of October, 2001


Aranya Prathet (Thai-Cambodian Border)

Kids  Khmer Kid  A Boy

The town was full of Thai tourist, came to play gambles at the casino over the border.
I saw the Khmer kids playing/working around the parking lot - that charges Baht150 per entry.

Hua Hin Railway Station

The Rest

In the front of the station, a samro drive took rest, waiting for passenger.

Mr. Somkid  His talismans

Songtaew driver, very proud of his collection

A corner  Hua Hin

The sign

A lady buying ticket  From the back...

Buying tickets

A Family  Another family  Killing time  Kids first trip

People, waiting for the train

The master  Kiosk  Khum Luanfchan  Waiting for the train

Flat home #1, the station has only one flat home though...

A vendor  another shot  Waiting

Young noodle vendors

Noodle  click to see bigger

The little girl was hardly reach to the passenger

Using free water...  Samro  Chicken fries

Note : These pictures were taken on 27th October, 2001 at 3:00-4:30 in the afternoon.
I shoot around 60 cuts and selected above photos out of them.
Nikon F3, 180mm, Provia 100F

At Don Chedi

Grilled chicken  His comepetitor


BTS  Waiting, Siam Square

Chinatown, Bangkok

Bar  Then the mama-sang appeared!

Bar on the corner

Herb medicine store  Manufacture/seller  On a street

Bangkok Equestrian Center

Saddle  harness


Announcement  A house  A cafe  Motorbike maintenance  An opening  Tailer

a man  Rubbish bin

Seri Center, Bangkok

Waiting  Kids

Siam Square

A part of Nokia ads - "Recharge"

Rainy Day at Silom

fruits on sale  The owner  Flowers

Hua Hin Beach (One hazy morning)

Night scene  night

Young fisherman

You may use above picture as your desktop wallpaper

The morning  preparation

End of rainy season in Bangkok  Bangkok street

As November comes, Rainy season goes...

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