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California Poppy (Eschscholzia)

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105mm, Feb 2000



Feb 2000 at Petchabun

Photos : February 2000, at Petchabun, Thailand (Nikon FM2n 105mm F.2.5)

Finding the name and detail of the flowers is not easy.  After I got these pictures (taken during the trip to Phu Hin Rongkhla), I searched the name and struck into the name Eschscholzia.

Here is article about the un-pronounceable name from Curtis Clark

Why does the genus have such a strange name?

105mm F2.5, Feb 2000 at Petchabun The genus was named by Adelbert von Chamisso in honor of his friend Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz, physician and naturalist on the Russian Kotzebue expedition that visited California. 

Eschscholtz was of German parentage, but his parents had settled in Russia. 
His family name had originally been spelled "Escholtz" in Germany, but when the name was transliterated to the Cyrillic alphabet used then and now for Russian, it appeared as [cyrillic text] (e-sh-sh-o-l-ts). 

Upon conversion back to German the name became "Eschscholtz" with the doubled "sch". 
Chamisso latinized the name as "Eschscholzius", without the "t". 

This is not unexpected; "Eschscholtz" and "Eschscholz" would have been (and still are) pronounced the same in German, and at that time spelling was not firmly fixed in most European languages. 

In his description of the new genus in 1820, Chamisso called it Eschscholzia, which is the correct name according to the provisions of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. 
However, in the plate accompanying the description, he labeled it Eschholzia, and elsewhere in the publication, Eschscholtzia
This latter misspelling was widely used for over a century and is still occasionally seen today.

Curtis Clark
Everything (or, almost!) about California Poppy
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