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Azalea (Indian Azalea) - Rhododendron simsii

Azalea I met this flower at Petchabun in February 2000.  I couldn't find the name and it stayed a while at waiting room.
I don't like to make mug-shots of flowers, thus I don't take pictures just to describe the plants.  What I really mean is to convey the wonder of flower's beauty.  Not much successful though.

Anyway, each page will grow as time goes.  If I make good one, I will add anytime.  

My flower page is never complete.  I will make more pictures if I have chance.

The following is a mail from Connie, in Florida.  Nice lady who always helps me to extend my knowledge to the plants.

I 'm pretty sure the Azalea you have pictured has a common name of Indian Azalea, which is funny, because it's habitat is China! Botanical name is Rhododendron simsii. Rhododendron is Greek for rose-tree and it was named for J.Sims, an English botanist.
It comes in all shades of pink, red and orange, as well as white, as in the picture I sent you. It can attain 10' in height here in Florida and has the largest blooms of the azaleas here. It is not very salt tolerant, so I have not bothered to break my heart over them. They are doing well at Heathcote Botanical Gardens, where I volunteer, as it is on the mainland and far enough from salt spray. They bloom late winter to early spring here and are the variety most tolerant of our alkaline soil. Isn't it strange that we have so many Oaks and yet don't have acidic soil?


Thanks again, Yoonki


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