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Angelonia goyazensis Benth


March 2000, Suan Luang - Close-up

March 2000, at Suan Luang Rama 9 Park in Bangkok

Angelonia goyazensis Benth.  Member of Scrophulariaceae family. 

Feb 2000The plants grows low on the ground, not tall.  Every part of plant has fragrance.  When you water them the smell comes stronger.  It likes bright sun and water a lot.   Grow faster at the cool place.   Blooms all year round.  Origin is Brazil.

You can grow from seeds, just in a few days leaves will come up.

I saw this at Petchabun province during my trip in February 2000.   Also found them at Suan Luang Park, Bangkok.

March 2000

March 2000 in BangkokI took couple of new pictures of Angelonia in March at Suan Luang Rama IX Park in Bangkok. 

The fragrance is something like that of chewing gum I think...

April 2000

March 2000

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