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Alcea rosea (Hollyhock)

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Alcea Rosea




Alcea Rosea ( pronounced ; al-SEE-uh ROE-zee-uh, or AL-kee-uh ROZ-ee-uh  and  al-SEE-uh roe-Zay-uh.)

I made this picture at Phetchabun province - northern Thailand - at a garden.  (Nikon FM2, 105mm lens)

Rosemarie living in Southern California sent me a mail with the name.  

Here is her article about the flower.

At first, when I saw the photo of the pink bloom, I thought it was a Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus).  
I have one of those & it did look like it, but I'd have to see the shape of the leaves better to be sure.
When taking a closer look at all the photos, the long racemes with blooms
give it away.  
Those are definitely Alcea rosea (al-SEE-uh ROE-zee-uh); common name: Hollyhock.  
They are a hardy biennial, 2'-8' tall;  Full sun, use in the back of borders; Hardiness zones 1-11. 
Rust & spider mites can be a serious problem. 
The blooms can be single, semi-double or double in a variety of colors.
Velvety leaves and quaint cup-shaped flowers along tall, nodding spires bring a pleasing nostalgic touch to one's garden.  
They looked wonderful along the side of my house, but I had to stake every one of them, they grew so tall!

Rosemarie in Southern California


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