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Wrightea religiosa (Ton Mok)

Tiny flower

After heavy rain

MokTon-Mok should be the better name.   

I tried to find some detail about the tree and got the name 'Wrightea' from 'Discovering Trees and Shrubs in Thailand & S.E. Asia' by Adrian and Jimmie Storrs.   

Also tried Time-Life web site without success.   

Perhaps its not so common in the other countries.
Thus, I rather like to call Ton-Mok.  

In Thailand, you can easily find this tree and no hassle to grow. 

You may see this tree near the rest room of service area on highway most of Thailand.

Ton-MokI have this small tree in a pot at home.   

It has very small (smaller than 1Cm), popcorn like flower with sweet smell.  

November 1999

I took these pictures after I go extension ring - used for close up pictures.


Ton-Mok  Ton-mok

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