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Kalanchoe diagremontiana

I made a page with this picture as Solenostemon Amboinicus (Coleus, Flame nettle, All Spice ref. Tropical Plants from Periplus) - which turned out to be wrong.
I found there are so many similar looking but absolutely different plants.

Kalanchoe Rosemarie, living by the beach in southern California waken me of the mistake and kindly led me to find right name.
I apologize here, that I could misled people who has visited my site.
The plant was in my small garden when I took the picture.  One day our maid dug it away, so I don't have it anymore.

Here you can find some reference from NerdBird's Nest page.

 Appreciate Rosemarie to correct my error.

February 2000


Here is another picture, I think its Kalanchoe too.  See the picture on the right.

March 2000



(Photo : Nikon FM2n 50mm F1.2 Nikkor lens  Fuji Provia 100 at my home.  Friday, July 09, 1999)

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