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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Chinese Hibiscus, Shoeflower)


Red hybrid - can see little bee in the big picture

Hibiscus - 200mm with Extension tube

Hibiscus The name shoeflower is from Jamaica, they use the flower crushed to polish black shoes.

Some species makes National flower in Korea.
Think this is Hawaiian Hybrid according to my amateurish sense.

I took the picture at Suan Luang in Bangkok, with Nikon FM2n using 50mm lens Fuji Velvia 50 slide film.

Yellow Hibiscus You may also refer to red colored flower (same species - picture on the right) and Hibiscus Mutabilis.

Hibiscus mutabilis is also called Confederate Rose or Cotton Rose.
It comes from China.  the large flower open white (a bit yellowish). 

Friday, July 1999

Here is link to Hibiscus Page of David Blomstrom  - you will find tons of information about Hibiscus (and other plants)

International Hibiscus Society - great resources and links



March 2000  March 2000  July 2000

Hibiscus  Hibiscus Mutabilis or Cotton Rose

Hibiscus in the morning  Hibicus at Home in a pot  Hibiscus in my garden

Hibiscus White  March 2000  Hibiscus at home


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