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Eugenia (Chompoo, Surinam Cherry)

The flower

Fruits on the boat - Floating MarketEugenia, also called Surinam Cherry. 

Its one of the most favored fruits in Thailand. (See the picture on the right, the ones in the front is Chompoo)
Normally Chompoo we buy at the market is green.
However, when Thai people mention the 'Pink color' they call that color of Chompoo.

In Thailand there are many different species, which make unique tastes, like Pet Chompoo, Rainbow Chompoo, so on.
The picture above is taken at my company yard.

chompoo at the office They are real dark pink colored and very delicious fruits.

This year, the tree has lots of chompoo. 
Some of my friends really like ours and take plastic-bag-full of Chompoo whenever the come to the office.

If one visits Thailand, should try this fruit.
Its watery and fresh with little bit of sweetness.
Connie in Florida helped me to find name. - Thanks Connie.

February 2000


chompoo  click to see bigger

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