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Red Canna at Suan Luang

Canna, from South to see bigger
This splendid flower is in my memories of 1960s.  The flower proudly blooms in the small garden at my house in Seoul.

Thanks to BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Authority), who planted cannas on every wasted lands in Bangkok city, you can see this flowers everywhere in the town.

Canna is another hard flower to take its portrait.  Like Plumeria, the color of flower is too strong for computer monitor to handle.  A few times perfectly made photo failed to put up on my web page.  Especially red ones.

Cannas The color blurs all over, even though slide look nice.
To conquer the color, I went to Suan Luang (east side of Bangkok, near my home) and found many nice colors of the flower.

Seeing blood red Canna, I always think creator spent too much pigment without thinning them to color this flower.

September, 1999


Canna    Canna   Canna - click to see big

Canna  Added on 7 August 2000

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