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Bougainvillea glabra

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Dec 1999The picture is on the wall of my house.
Virtually Bougainvillea is everywhere in Thailand.
Think it name came from French Explorer Bougainvillea, but not for sure.  Its too similar isn't it?
It has many names by its color and species like; Scarlet O'Hara, Hawaiian Scarlet, San Diego Red, Temple Fire or Helen Johnson.

9 July 1999

Nov 99 I already have many pictures of Bougainvillea.   
I always attracted by the lights dancing on the petals of this lovely flower.  It look like they are posing for me!
So I cannot help but taking picture again - Bougainvillea.

November 1999


Flower in the flower

Flower in the flower - Added on 14 March 2000
105mm, 27.5mm extension ring 

Bougainvillea - 200mm lens  Bougainvillea  Nov 99

Bougainvillea  Bougainvillea  Nov 99

Dec 1999 at BEC  added in Dec 1999  At tiger zoo

Feb 2000 at Soi Sam Thahan  Bougainvillea at BEC  Feb 2000

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