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Adenium obesum (Impala Lily, Desert Rose)


Dec 1999

Aug 00 - Click to see bigger



Dec 1999I have many pots of the plant at home as other Thai houses.

It was the first target of my photo with its strong red flower.  

Unfortunately it took many shots of fails, owing to its intense color.  
Most of the time, color film fails to reproduce its real red color.
Simply too RED.
On slide, its quite nice but once it scanned, the red haze blurs all over.

Click to see bigger This picture is the first presentable photo of the species.
Nikon FM2n with 50mm lens. (I don't have only that, thus I will not mention about the equipment from now on). 

Adenium Obesum also called Impala Lily, Desert Rose, Adenium Muliflorum, Adenium Coetanum.
In the wild, this species can make a small tree (3.5m) or more withswollen trunk and thick, crooked limbs.  But in cultivation it seldom exceed about 1.5m with a sparse branching habit.

July 9, 1999

March 2000  March 2000

Pictures added on 14 March 2000

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