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Tecoma stans 

(Yellow Bells, Yellow Trumpet Flower, Yellow Elder, Bignonia Stans, Stenolobium Stans)

Yellow bell I mistaken this flower to Golden Trumpet (Allamanda) at the first place.

It looked very similar to me, even though the flower is smaller (3-5Cm across).   Then I put it as Cordia, on its page.
What a crime!

Here is a facts only a few can stay wake before finish reading.
This evergreen shrub or small tree grows as high as 4.5-6m, but can be pruned mercilessly (after flowering) to keep it compact.   Here in Thailand, it seems blooming all year round (not very sure though).  The fruit said to be long capsule (20Cm long).  I will get back if I can make pictures with the fruit and flower together.

September 1999.


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