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Plumeria (Frangipani, Temple Tree)

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Another with Velvia

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Plumeria Rubra


June 2001 at Huahin - Dusit Polo clubPlumeria also called Frangipani (Fran-jer-pani) or Temple Tree.
Named after Charles Plumier, 17C French botanist.

There are Plumeria obtusa (White frangipani, Singapore Plumeria), Plumeria rubra in the same family.

I have one at home (Plumeria Rubra in nice red-violet flower) in a pot.

Plumeria on a sunny day (Fuji Velvia)Its very attractive flower shining white with dark green leaves.  I tried to put this one as the first item of my garden but I miserably failed to make nice picture of it.  
The strong contrast between the flower and its leaves stays beyond my photographical control.
Now I have a few but no picture to my fancy.  I will try again and add some nicer pictures of this gorgeous beauty.

In Thailand, you will not see this gorgeous tree at houses.  I learned that the flower has a sad name - Endless Sorrow - Name of the heroine in a Thai legend, who had fate all through her life. 

Another oneTherefore, Thais doesn't like to have this tree at home garden.  Another story, more interesting one is, a prince brought this tree to Thailand, for the flower has pleasant fragrance and pretty, everyone want to have the tree.  

The prince who did not like to share the pleasure enjoying the tree made the story, then none asked him to give the tree any more.
Anyway, you will see many Plumeria in Thailand, but not in the resident area.

30 July 1999

Feb 2000, Phuhin Rongkhla  March 2000


Click to see bigger - Plumeria July 2000 / Provia 400, F3, 105mm  July 2000, Fuji Provia 400  Plumeria Rubra at my house

Added on26 July 2000

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Added on 18 July 2000

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Added on 18 July 2000

March 2000  Spring in Thailand?  New leaves

Pictures added in April 2000

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