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Mango (Mangifera indica)

The flower of Mango

small mango

"Mangifera indica" is the scientific name.  

I bought the tree 3 years ago (1996).  At the time its hardly looking "tree" but a stick (less than 1 cm thick and 60cm long with a few hair like roots attached on the bottom, without that its even harder to find which one is bottom).

I bought the tree just for some shadow against the strong afternoon sun.
Mother in law also has a mango tree but its function is limited to the optical one as others.

It grown very fast.

One day we discovered a few bulb of mango fruite on the tree.  Its like it tries to prove what it supposed to be.
Unexpectedly the fruits got bigger and its almost look like ones we saw at supermarket.

We harvested the first three and sampled with some reluctance.
The taste was superb!  Sweeter than any other Mango I have ever had in my life!

I sent half a dozen of mango to my mother a few month ago.  Thus, she will witness that I am not exaggerating.
If any of you are lucky enough, you will have chance to try my mango.

20 June 1999

The picture on the right is added in December 1999.  Its flower of Mango tree at my house.


Here is some facts about Mango tree.

"The tree can grow 80ft (24m) tall and wide, though grafted trees are normally smaller.  the tiny, greenish flowers are born in large sprays.  The fruits resemble enormous peaches, though the skin is smooth, ripening to orange or red.

Seedling trees tend to have furry seeds, making juice extraction awkward, and their flavor is often marred by a bitter aftertaste.  Selected cultivars have superior fruit, sweet to the last with smooth pits; 'Alphonso' is universally regarded as the finest."



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