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Go to Plumeria PageI made bit of face-lift on the page.

Hope it made a bit faster and look better in your eyes.

If you find any broken link, though I cannot pay for that, it will be great help 
for me to keep the page.  
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Yoonki Kim

18 May 2000.  in Bangkok, Thailand


Go to Bougainvillea pageIt started with photos, I took and used for my web site. 
As I wrote "Trip to Buriram", I found how I am ignorant about plants 
when I sort out pictures.

So, I bought a book to give rightful name to my graphic files.
Once I got book, then I learned that what a gifted country I am living in.
Every plant here cared by God personally.

They grow so free and natural, without any artificial support nor care.
I bring the book with me in my car, so that I can refer to trees 
whenever I trapped in the well-known Bangkok traffic.  

Its very enjoyable finding names of trees and flowers, that I haven't pay attention for a few years.
Knowing names of plants made me feeling closer to them.  
I started my personal project to cover up plants with pictures and brief details I can find.
Its free to use the pictures I put on the pages, but if any of you download and use it, 
Lantana please notify me before or after.

If there are persons who like to use pictures for publication, please send me e-mail.  
All of the pictures here is made with slide film and 18Mega bite graphic file, 
thus it will not cause much trouble. 
Enjoy the beauties of plants, I copied from God's work,


p.s. - I am keeping the pages added every week, So come visit the site often, 
it will not let you down.  

You can send mail to  Yoonki - click here.

Selection of Flower pictures


Each plant with tiny picture, by clicking on it, will lead you to the page with more/bigger pictures and some discriptions.



Go to Adenium Page Adenium Go to Alcea Rosea Page Alcea Rosea (Altheae Rosea) Go to Allamanda Page Allamanda
Go to Alpinia Page Alpinia Go to Angelonia Page Angelonia Go to Aster Page Aster
Go to Azalea page Azalea


Go to Bauhinia page Bauhinia Go to Benjamina page Benjamina Go to Bermuda page Bermuda
Go to Bougainvillea page Bougainvillea Go to Brassica page Brassica Go to Brunfelsia page Brunfelsia


Go to California Poppy page California Poppy Canna Canna Go to Cassia page Cassia
Go to Chrysothemis page Chrythothemis Go to Cleome page Cleome Go to Cordia page Cordia
Go to Cosmos page Cosmos Go to Cymbidium page (Orchid) Cymbidium (Orchid) Go to Catharanthus roseus page Catharanthus roseus



Dendrobium Dendrobium (Orchid)


Erythrina Erythrina Eugenia Eugenia Euphorbia milii page Euphorbia milii
Euphorbia viguieri page Euphorbia V.


Fiddlewood page Fiddlewood Fuchsia Fuchsia


Gaillardia page Gaillardia


Heliconia page Heliconia Hibiscus page Hibiscus Hymenocallis page Hymenocallis
Spider Lily


Iris page Iris Ixora page Ixora


Jatropha page Jatropha


Kalanchoe page Kalanchoe


Lantana page Lantana


Go to Mandevilla page Mandevilla Go to Mango page Mango Morning Glory page Morning Glory


Nerium page Nerium


Oncidium (Orchid) 


Go to Pansy page Pansy Passiflora page Passiflora Pentas page Pentas
Pereskia Pereskia Petunia page Petunia Plumbago page Plumbago
Plumeria page Plumeria Poinsettia Poinsettia Go to Pomegranate page Pomegranate


Quisqualis Quisqualis


Salvia page Salvia Solenostemon page Solenostemon


Tabebuia page Tabebuia Tecoma stans Tecoma stans Thevetia Thevetia
Thunbergia  Turneria 


Water Lily Water Lily Go to Wedelia page Wedelia Wreightea Religiosa (Ton-Mok) Wrightea religiosa


Go to Zinnia page Zinnia


Waiting Room  

Here are the flowers and trees I still not put into its own page.
Please help me to find the name and description.
Take a look ant the plants and write some article for me to make a page.


Let me know when this page updated

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