Bam-Bam's Photo Album

At Petchburi  Click to see bigger

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This is collection of Bam-Bam, 6 & 1/2 years old girl.
Korean-Thai.  Now going to Didyasarin International School in G-1 class.
Laughing loud and always happy.
Loves reading books.

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Sleeping naughty  Swiming

Huaplee - Sep. 2000  Sep 2000  Sep 2000 - Click to see Bigger

Sep 2000  Sep 2000  Sep 2000

Sep 2000  Noi & Bam2

Click to see bigger  Composition - Click to see bigger

Her works - August 2000

July 2000  July 2000  July 2000

July 2000

Phanom Rung  click to see bigger  BB with Mom

Bam-bam at Phanom Rung - July 1999

    BB after school  BB with her cousin

August, 1999

    On her birthday  click to see big  on her 6th birthday

On 6th Birthday - September 1999

  Reading  On horseback  preparing a ride

At Bangkok Equestria Club  BEC   BEC - click to see Big one

At Bangkok Equestrian Club.

BB rides horse every Saturday and Sunday.

Assistant for photographer  Curious  Feeding Camel

Gardening  Painting  with Mom

Riding elephant at Sangkhlaburi  On elephant  Tapping her horse

bb with Chokdee at BEC - June 2000  riding  her dogs

Bangkok Equestrian Club  BB riding  BB & her horse 'Chokdee'

May 1999

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